Why hire a professional web designer

Why hire a professional web designer
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Why hire a professional web designer

hire a professional web designer

Hiring a professional web designer is not expensive, it is money well spent

It makes sense to hire a professional web designer. The reason people don’t is often a matter of money. Why pay someone else when the GoDaddy(s) of the world allow you to build your own website for super cheap (with domains, hosting, support, etc.)?

With plenty of website builder services to choose from, it’s easier now than ever before to effectively set up your own website.

Is doing your own web design really the best move? No, and here’s why.

7 Reasons to hire a professional web designer

1. Brand Maintenance

Your website is the face of your company. 81% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. That means your website is your 24×7 salesperson. Basically it is someone to personally greet your customers as they walk through your virtual door.

First impressions are vitally import online. A new customer is just a click away from being gone forever.

You must make a good first impression. Since your website is your sales person, pay attention to:

  1. What this salesperson is wearing
  2. How they speak about your company
  3. How they guide the visitor to become a customer.

All of these and more are completely up to you. This idea is often lost when businesses are trying to set up their own website.

This is natural because you become more concerned with using the “easy” web design tool. Plus there is all that data entry work of putting every service/product on the homepage of a site (the homepage is not the best place for a catalog). Your focus is on the tool instead of the true purpose of a website.

The purpose of your site shouldn’t be to add anything. There’s a certain amount of professionalism that needs to be maintained with your brand and aligned with the goals of your site. When you hire a professional web designer you maintain your brand.

2. Positive User Experience

How your site works is just as important as its content. Misleading, or dead links, can lead to a disappointing user experience (UX) directly reflecting on the quality of the services you provide. The two may be unrelated to you, but to a customer they’re one in the same.

There are a number of User Interfaces that need to be accounted for when building a site, but there’s also YOUR experience building a website.
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You are stuck using a generalized system. This system has been created to perform a number of tasks, for all different kinds of people, in all different lines of business. This can complicate the process of updating your site, and once that becomes a hassle for you, it’s pretty easy to fall off the grid and stop maintaining your site altogether.

When you hire a professional web designer visitors to your website will have a positive user experience.

3. Designed for Mobile

Over 40% of shoppers are using mobile devices like tablets or phones. This number is expected to increase steadily.

If you are designing your own website, you are designing it on your PC. It is easier to do design work on a PC after all. This means you are deciding how it looks based on how it appears on your PC.

To be effective, a website must look good on mobile devices too.

When a website is designed for PC and mobile devices it is called “Responsive”. A responsive website allows your content to adjust its layout based on your user’s viewing platform—whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

When not properly configured, it can render your site unusable on some devices – hiding navigation items behind links, images running off the screen and more. (especially if you are still struggling with it at 4:00AM ha!)

The architecture and design of a responsive website differs significantly from one that looks nice on your PC.

When you hire a professional web designer your website will be responsive.

4. Expertise and Coaching

The Internet can be a shameful place full of people trying to get you to fall for their cheap trick.

When you open up yourself to the world of working on the Web, you tend to get more than you signed up for.

  • Fake domain renewals
  • Information about security protocols
  • Problems with hosting
  • and more

All this can leave you scratching your head while spending hours online trying to track down, “whatever this is!”

You may also be tempted to invest money where its least beneficial to you. For example, Google AdWords sounds like a great idea to drive more traffic to your site. But, if your web site has poor organic search rankings, you could be wasting money.

When you hire a web design professional you hire an expert. What you don’t know about the Internet can hurt your business.

5. Work ON your business, not IN it

There are people who like to do everything themselves. Successful business owners know the value of having the right people in place.

A business owner should not be wasting resources on trying to learn HTML, responsive design, image galleries or how to set up a website.

A business owner’s focus should be on growing the business.

I know that time is money, and it comes down to this question, “How much is your time worth?” Is your time is really best spent learning how to code a website so you can save some cash? Realize that your website visitors are going to have to enjoy your first attempt at a website. That is like hanging a crayon drawing on the side of a fridge.

When you hire a professional web designer you can focus on building your business instead of building your artogy skill set.

6. Customizing

With do-it-yourself web kits, and Google, you can find just about everything you need for your site. By searching on the web you can find:

  • Code snippets
  • Cool plugins and JavaScripts
  • Large images
  • Interesting fonts
  • and more

If you are not technologically savvy, you could still run into problems reading through instructions on how to implement this particular piece of code on your site. Code snippets and plugins seldom work together nicely. Interesting fonts often seem like a good idea when you start, but visitors find them hard to use (see #2 above).

Photo galleries, and a lot of other common website modules, are not built from scratch anymore. The Internet is filled with shortcuts and chunks of reusable code that you are free to use on your site. Finding them however, could be time consuming. Understanding how a module needs to integrate with your site could be even worse. The list of potential unforeseen headaches is endless.

Which again begs the question, “what is your time worth?”

When you hire a professional web designer they know how to customize your site to the needs of your business. They know what works best, and how to avoid headaches for you in the long run.

7. Better Professional Support

You are going to have questions, if not outright problems. Nobody likes to wait on hold while calling for technical support. Have you ever sat on hold for an hour with a major tech company like, Network Solutions, trying to find out why things on your site are not lining up correctly. Or digging through hundreds of support forums on Google trying to find that one person who’s had the same issue you are, AND remembered to write the solution for you.

When you hire a web design professional you have someone whose job it is to keep you happy. They will help solve problems and they know exactly what you are talking about because they’ve already worked with your site. They know you and they know your business.

Next Steps

Get a web design pro you can work with

Find a Web Professional you can work closely with and get to know. It is sorta like finding that independent mechanic who takes care of your car like it is his own.

In this digital age, it’s a struggle for Web companies to keep up with the latest and greatest offerings. Realistically you can’t be expected to keep up with this—YOU have your business to run!

Professional web designers are not expensive

Smaller Web design companies exist. It’s not the world of $50,000-plus websites anymore. You can find a smaller, reasonably priced professional, to build a relationship with for years to come. Teams that can serve as your media advisers who understand your needs, and can guide you in the right direction.

Local professionals are best

Talking face-to-face with someone is still the best way to communicate ideas. Services like Google Hangout, Skype and more make it easy to video chat and screen share. The problem is that most business owners are not technologically savvy. These services become one more thing the busy business owner has to learn.

It is just easier to find a local professional. Then you can meet and talk over coffee (or a pint).

Find comfortable working with instead of basing it singularly on price.

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Find a pro that best suits your needs, and take advantage of the online marketing world that has opened up for your business.

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