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First and foremost, website design should deliver results. It ain't about being pretty.
    Whether that result is to get more:
  • Visitors
  • Sales leads
  • Subscribers
  • Online sales
  • Inform
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It is up to you. Choose a custom website, Wordpress, Joomla according to your needs. I will make sure those results happen.

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Websites that grow your business & give the best return on investment

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I specialize in small business web sites

Most of my clients are professionals and entrepreneurs.

In other words, people without time. Who want to expand their business online but do not want to become a professional web master.

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PROFESSIONAL webdesign represents a business in the best possible way

What a Web Hosting League website can do for you

  • Increase your Internet presence
  • Promote your brand to more people
  • Bring customers to you
  • Generate more revenue

A Web Hosting League website gives visitors a good experience and provides a good return on investment


  • RESPONSIVE design that works on PC, Tablet, phone and more
  • SECURE admin back-end (CMS) to manage you content
  • FAST LOADING design so visitors stay engaged longer
  • A WEB MASTER who understands business and will use W3C best practices and the latest proven technology

Overview of My Website Design Process

Initial Consultation

Each website design project begins with an interview to understand your business, your challenges, and the business goals for the website.

Researching Your Market and competitors

Analysis of your business industry and your competitors provides us with a game plan for the success of your new website. Once these two phases are complete, a quote is generated for you. This quote serves as a statement of work so that there are no surprises during the design and development of your website.

Website Mock-up Phase

Within 3 to 5 days after the quote is approved you receive a website mockup. After reviewing the design, time is scheduledto discuss your thoughts and input. Your feedback is used to rework the website mock-up and deliver the final design specification to you.

Coding & Admin back-end Integration

The programming code behind a website is what makes your site a sales tool for your company. Without proper coding that works for the major internet browsers your site will not rank well in search engines like Google, Bing & YaHoo.

Content Integration & Testing

Content refers to all the text, pictures, products etc. that will appear on your new website. During this phase you get to use the secure back-end of your site. We encourage owners to enter content themselves so it becomes familiar. Doing this makes administration and update of your site much easier after the launch of your site. Also it is a superb way to test the functionality of your website.

Website Maintenance & The Future Relationship

After the launch of your website, our partnership continues. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Minor adjustments are made for free during the first 30 days after go-live. If you are hosting your website with Webhosting League, I am happy to make small adjustments as long as you are a customer. I also offer a monthly support package that includes tracking site visitors, and analyzing how well your site is reaching potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each website is designed with built-in SEO. SEO is more than just a properly coded website, it is an ever evolving art. So, in addition to the built-in, technical SEO you must include content marketing, link building, and social media. These four makeup the foundation of your online success.